Rising Sun Station

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Amtgard Chapter
Rising Sun Station
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Status Duchy
City Alexandria, VA
Park Jones Point Park
Meets on Sundays 12:30PM
Founded 2011
Active Active

A Duchy of Crystal Groves located in Alexandria, Virginia.



Rising Sun Station is a Duchy in the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. Located in Alexandria, VA, we currently meet every Sunday at 12:30pm at Jones Point Park under the Wilson Bridge and right across the river from the National Harbor. We have loaner garb and weapons to start you on your journey so you can come just as you are if you wish! Come fight with us!


The Station of Rising Sun, was officially formed on November 20th, 2011 by Angrist and Nimeria who held the positions of Sheriff and Town Clerk(PM) until Lord Tenebrus was elected the second monarch of RSS on 11/11/12. The park joined the Kingdom of Crystal Groves on 1/20/13. On 13/06/15, Rising Sun Station was elevated to Duchy at the event, VII Cities.

During the reign of Tenebrus, RSS was completely overrun by the undead. With help from Bitter Coast and Gargoyle's Gate, the outskirts of RSS were reclaimed in January '13. The source of the undead menace was determined to be Charon, boatman of the River Styx, come to claim all of Amtgardia for "back taxes owed." Resuming his duties as Governor, Tenebrus and the local goblins have worked to turn the lands around the station into an impassable lake. Rumor indicates that Elven members of RSS are being rounded up for unknown reasons.

The origins of RSS are shrouded in mystery. Some say it all started with

The War

The cross gaming company No Quarter! declared war on Rising Sun due to the likeness of the park's heraldry to the company's own insignia. The war took place on the park's grand re-opening, November, 20th 2011. Forty-three people showed up from all over Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania,and even a couple from Texas. It was a straight militia ditch. First to ten wins. Six slaughters in (Rising Sun was getting their bums handed to them), a select few leaders met in the middle of the field to converse and strike a deal; 'Change your colors or your symbol, either or. You can't have both'.

The Prime Minister, Nimeria had been working on two banners. The red and white that flew that day, and a new one (it did not make it to the field that day due to technical difficulties). Nimeria, pulled Aiyana, the representative for No Quarter! that day, aside and showed her an image, a brown, black, and brass version of Rising Sun's heraldry that Potato of Ambient Forest had presented to the officers of Rising Sun a week earlier. With that, she also took down the red and white banner, folded it up, and presented it to Aiyana, striking a truce between the park, Rising Sun, and the company, No Quarter!.

Unusual Members

The Chair: This member serves the most important purpose in the Shire-- it provides a place for Angrist to sit when he's not fighting. Don't blame me...blame JJ for saying "I heard all your park is was you and your chair"

The Station of Rising Sun

"Through the steam and gears that turn Deep within it's heart, it yearns To bring the visitors in to see And grow the numbers exponentially

The hustle and bustle more quiet to hear Will soon radiate for all land and ear Over the hill, a bright image wakes Across the tracks and past the lakes

A great big sign for all and one Behold! The station of Rising Sun." --Nimeria



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