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Prada Forel, of Valley of Smoke, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

”Have you been given the cup speech before?”


Prada was introduced to Amtgard when a group of students at his high school approached him about sponsoring a larping club. Reluctantly agreeing he discovered it looked like a good deal of fun and became involved himself. With a colleague, Henry Greatwing, and a small group of students the Valley of Smoke in Vienna, WV was created. The park still maintains an on campus club and has a good relationship with the city and the high school.

In general, Prada enjoys fighting, running games, and trying to create an environment where all players can find something that interests them. He also dislikes A&S in general and tends to make nothing himself.

Belted Family

Prada is a squire to Sir Toda Bjornson.

Affiliated Groups

The household Seeds of Change was created by Henry Greatwing and Prada in recognition that many members leave the area when they graduate and therefore spend most of their Amtgard careers in other parks. Members of the household are expected to take the positive energy and passion for the game that is fostered at the Valley of Smoke and plant those seeds in other parks as they travel.

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