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an Interkingdom Event


What is it?

An annual Tourney that tests the best of the best in Arts and Sciences as well as War skills. Hosting of Olympiad rotates among all the Kingdoms. The winner of the War skills is called the War Olympian, the winner of the Arts and Sciences tourney is called the Cultural Olympian, and the overall winner is the Grand Olympian

Below is a list of each Olympiad, which kingdom ran it, and who the Grand Olympian, Cultural Olympian, and War Olympian were:

2017 XXVII Rivermoor

Known World War 2017

  • Grand TBA
  • Cultural TBA
  • War TBA
  • Organizers Ormarr, Fionna, [[]]

2016 XXVI Westmarch

Feast of Mars 2016

2015 XXV Tal Dagore + Rising Winds

Keep on the Borderlands 2015

2014 XXIV Crystal Groves

Feast of Fools 2014

2013 XXIII Emerald Hills

Banner Wars

2012 XXII Wetlands

2011 XXI Neverwinter


2010 XX Goldenvale

Fury of the Northlands

2009 XIX Pegasus Valley, Dragonspine

2008 XVIII Emerald Hills

2007 XVII Burning Lands

2006: XVI Wetlands

2005: XV Rising Winds

2004: XIV Goldenvale

2003: XIII Iron Mountains

2002: XII Dragonspine

2001: XI Mystic Seas

2000: None

1999: X Emerald Hills

1998: IX Wetlands

1997: VIII Dragonspine

1996: VII Iron Mountains

1995: VI Celestial Kingdom

1994: V Burning Lands

1993: IV Burning Lands

1992: None

1991: III Burning Lands

1990: II Burning Lands

1989: I Burning Lands


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