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A principality under Goldenvale.

The NE Heraldry, as designed by Wunjo, still includes the Ravenwing raven and Caradoc Hold tree in its design.



The Northern Empire is a Principality under the Kingdom of Goldenvale. Officially recognized at Great Eastern XII, held in 2010, the principality currently consists of the Duchy of Wolvenfang (Sudbury, ON), the Barony of Twilight Peak (Toronto, ON), the Duchy of Felfrost (Ottawa, ON), the Barony of Linnagond (Peterborough, ON), and the Barony of White Stone Valley (Guelph, ON).

In 2007, Wolvenfang, Caradoc Hold, Twilight Peak and Ravenwing began the process of developing a corpora structured around the concept of a northern roaming crown kingdom. These groups formed the Northern Empire Board of Directors. Using the corporas of Wolvenfang, Goldenvale and the Iron Mountains as models, the NBoD began to assemble a corpora. Eventually, the NBoD expanded to include Felfrost after its formation. Ravenwing left the Northern Empire groups in April 2010 after an Althing vote concluded that they no longer wished to pursue the roaming crown option. Caradoc Hold also left the principality by Althing vote in February 2012.

In 2012, the Principality shifted its event schedule to coincide with local events - making the Principality Coronations also line with with Battle of the Dens and Frostbite in Wolvenfang, the midreigns with Felfrost Coronations, and Crown Qualifications with Twilight Peak events. This concept was later generalized for events to simply coincide with local events hosted in the months in question.

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Documents relating to the Principality, such as their corpora, can be found at their online library.


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