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A Monster from the Book of Engoku.



Nagas are an ancient race of reptilian humanoids who live underground in vast subterranean tunnel networks as complex as any city on the surface. They are very wise and crafty. According to some legends, they are relatives of dragons or Ry├║. Nagas are mortal enemies of the Garudas. 6th level Naga are part of a priestly ruling class, and are rare (1/6).


Dark green or brown scales and fangs, and a snake mask. Wear glasses dressed up to look like snake eyes if you can.


Type: Mystical Beast
Q/M Ratio:: 4/1
Armor: May wear up to 4 points, Medium Shield
Weapons: Two daggers (Natural and Poisoned), Short or Long melee weapons, throwing weapons.
Immunities: Cold-Based Attacks, Control, Death, Flame-Based Attacks, Poison, Subdual
Natural Lives: 2

Abilities & Traits


+ 1 point natural invulnerable armor (2 total)

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