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Mists of the Dawn, a Barony of Polaris. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.




Less Formal


Past Heraldry: 50254_46392615100_6432_n.jpg


Early history

Mists of the Dawn ( also called 'Mists') was founded late in may of 2004 by Sheriff Mouse and Nemo following the Demise of Northguard the year before. The other members to attend on the first game day, were: Sage, Vahn, Blaze, Nohbdy, Somber, and Sirth. Mists (as often called by members to save time) swelled to about twenty players by the end of the year

Although founded in 2004, the group did not file an Amtgard contract until 2006 due to disagreement between the members over the park's name, heraldry, and other issues. In 2006 the park received a number of emigrants who left Starmount with Sir Zodiac Darkjester. At the April 2007 Rosetta Pact Midreign Mists of the Dawn was brought into the Principality and the Empire. It enjoyed a short reign within the principality until the Rosetta Pact dissolved in October 2007. Following a dispute, the shire was removed from the Empire of the Iron Mountains by Althing Vote on April 20th 2008. In early 2010 the chapter was brought back into the Empire under the Principality of Olympus.

Current era

On August 4th 2011, Mists North (MotdN)or (MN), a Thursday gameday, was created in Crystal, MN. All though the Northern park was playing months before it was officially turned into a real game day. It has its own way of things and is bringing in new players by the hand full every week. On August 27th 2011, Mists of the Dawn was elevated to Barony status due to the new game days overwhelming populous and by agreement of Prince Garik and Prime minister Rayhawk of the Principality of Olympus.

In early November of 2012 Mists of the dawn once again became a former member of the Empire when it defected along with the rest of Polaris to the Rising Winds.

Households and Fighting Companies that reside in Mists:

Past Households and Fighting Companies


Aiden O'Shaughnessy
Lilly Sunshine
Viollette Knives
Sage Blakney
Morpheus of the Green Flame
Damian the daring
Michael Hammer of God

Current Officers

Duke Rayhawk
Regent Weezicus
Treasurer NFTY

Directions, Contacts

Mists of the Dawn meets on Saturdays at 1pm on the south end of Newell park in St.Paul

Mists of the Dawn North also meets at other locations throughout the week. Times and locations vary.


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