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Heraldry of Marceline Fangmeier
Seal of Marceline Fangmeier


Woman at Arms Marceline Aidan Fangmeier the Fairly Witty of Red Storm, the Emerald Hills

"Let's hug!'"


Marcy is a Jotun priestess. She has particularly pointy elbows :)

"I was about to consider you to be a living genius. Instead you just get to be fairly witty." - Michael, Hammer of God


Regent of Red Storm from June-November 2015

Emerald Hills Guildmaster of Healers June 2016-March 2017



- Daughter of Kyrill

- Mother of Saja

- Mother of Archer Wolf

Belted Family

I put the equivalent of a Craigslist advertisement up on Facebook essentially begging for wisdom.

And Lo, the universe did see fit to grace me with benevolent gifts. A celestial form then appeared, a being of ephemeral light and infinite wisdom. A maternal figure made from the heavens.

My star mom.


  1. shesthebest
  2. iloveher
  3. definitelynotaknight
  4. kekeke

Marceline was previously man-at-arms to Sir Alby Kzan from December 14th 2014 to April 11 2016.

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