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Squire Lucian ÞÓRIR, Defender of Midnight Sun - Emerald Hills

”Run and you'll only die tired.”


The EH members of the Order of the Eldritch Eye


image11.jpg Personal Heraldry

15132810.jpg Sigil of the Eldritch Eye


As a young man in the Danelaw Saxon Royale Von Weber a child born of Saxon, Gaelic, and Norse roots always dreamed of adventure. When he came of age he took his chances and traveled all the way to Constantinople. The Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and joined the Varangian Guard alongside other Norsemen and Saxons' alike. Being in the Emperor's personal bodyguard Saxon was in countless battles in the deserts of Serkland, Sicily, Italy, and in the so called "Holy Land". After the Emperor died of old age, Saxon looted the palace as was custom, took his loot, and wandered into the desert... Years later after having fought many a foe as the "Ghost of Serkland" Lucian settled in Bright Forge rarely giving hints to his personal history. There having met loyal allies Saxon continued his quest for glory and riches. Going back to sea on a ship as a deckhand. When he came back months later Saxon left port and went to Midnight Sun after receiving a vision from Uuôden (Wodan/Odin/Wotan). He was to find the source of a great power. There he met the Elven Knight Sir Qintahr Woodhelven and fought many a battle alongside him. A few months later Saxon was made Sir Qintahr's Squire alongside the one known as Pagan Darcborne and gaining Squire brothers along the way such as Lord Jerrod Kaine and Lord Arach Corvin. Finding out the dangers of the Elder Gods Saxon and his new brethren journeyed far and wide to protect the Emerald Hills and the whole of the world. And yet the fire still burned in Saxon, his thirst for power hadn't been quenched and the world had many riches to be plundered. His allies were sent Ravens each with a message highlighting his offer of plunder and land. Thus the Night Frights were born as was his alias Lucian Thorir. A band of misfits, criminals, and warriors all sharing a common goal...killing their enemies and hearing the lamentations of their women.

Later after many raids on outlying settlements Lucian met the Artenian known as Bloodmoon, long time friend of Qintahr Woodhelven. Their cooperation in battle soon grew into a strong friendship. Lucian having received a Artenian short spear and shin bracers as a symbol of their new friendship and his allegiance to the Artenian people. Lucian also met many more elves such as Kaug, Rorek, Magnus, and others. His allegiance with them slowly becoming a personal friendship with their people. Soon this friendship was put to the test at the Battle of Eagleshire in which Lucian captured the Keep singlehandedly and had to get pried out by a Knight. Sadly the Battle was a loss and many of the forces Lucian fought alongside had fallen to the combined sword of the Mad Baron TuK! and those sent by King Forest himself. Lucian didn't make it out alive, dying inside the keep he had fought alone to take. His body being resurrected and Lucian being a... changed man. After all one who has seen death can never truly be the same can they? Lucian now slowly recovers from his physical wounds while mental wounds begin to appear. That day in the Foggy Dew held many a mind hostage after all.

Lucian has met many a warrior and many of those versed in the ways of magic. Slowly building his allies and aquaintances Lucian hears the beating of his heart and the drums of war yet again. The Gods favor him and there are tales of great riches in the lands around him. The horns sound and the thunder of hooves echo across the land. Lucian's barbarian horde begins to form...


  • Gaelic
  • Old English (Saxon)
  • Old Norse
  • Latin
  • Ancient Greek
  • Aramaic
  • Ancient Hebrew
  • Arabic

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