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Lekvar of Aureus Saltus, Westmarch




Lekvar started playing at Wyvern's Spur but switched to a closer park, Aureus Saltus, in 2013.

He prefers to play Monk so he can throw things at people.


Lekvar was the third son of the wealthiest family in all of Eastern Bohemia. He was educated raised as nobility until, at the age of 14, he was abandoned at the St. Vitus Cathedral during a family vacation in Prague, thus beginning the third son's traditional career in the clergy. Unused to the austerity of life in the priesthood, he tried to adapt his new profession to more closely resemble the libertine lifestyle he'd become accustomed to. This, naturally, brought him into conflict with every authority figure within the Church hierarchy. After one too many brushes with both Church and State law, Lekvar was given the choice of becoming a wandering mendicant monk or prison. He immediately embarked on a globe-spanning journey, selling the fighting skills he learned as a young noble for food, shelter, and passage. Despite his separation from the Church, Lekvar takes his vows of poverty seriously, and always makes sure to spend every copper he's earned.

Affiliated Groups

Wolves of Valor

Notable Accomplishments

Champion of Aureus Saltus, Winter 2016

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