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The Baronial City-State of Land's End

A Barony of the Kingdom of Rivermoor, located in Grand Forks, North Dakota.


Land's End, Spring 2017


Lands End was formed by Kite in 2004 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, after learning the game playing at Starmount and Mists of the Dawn in St. Paul, MN. The original park had a rough start and fell into ruin when the small group of players graduated college and went their separate ways.

In 2007, Kite moved back to the area and revived the park with help from Jinn, Horune and Dallaran. The park has always been big on traveling since we are in the middle of nowhere. Land's End originally fought alternating between Grand Forks and Crookston, Minnesota, as both towns have active members. In 2010, Dallaran and Goomba moved away, both exploring building parks of their own in Fargo, ND and Bemidji, MN, tentatively called Land's End South and East. Crookston population has since waned, and the park now fights exclusively in Grand Forks.

Land's End was taken in by the Principality of Rivermoor in April, 2011, which then became the Kingdom of Rivermoor. In June of 2017 Land's End became a core park of Rivermoor.

Our flurby back story is that we are a fort-town, established to protect against the undead lands to the north (which conveniently, and unknown at the time there's a park there called Niflheim. It's gone now). We've since grown into a city-state, and villages have begun popping up nearby. Staunch supporters or Rivermoor, and pretty much Winterfell from Game of Thrones since before that was a thing... oh, that was 1996? Well, since before I had heard about it. Whatever.

We were the first chapter in North Dakota.

Current Officers

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