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Lady Page Kaytana Raventhorne, of Aureus Saltus, Westmarch

”May your anchor be tight, your cork be loose, your rum be spiced, and your compass true.”



Born a slave aboard the merchant ship Dorogaya, Kaytana was thrown overboard after 23 years by her wretched owner, the Dread Pirate Williams, like an empty bottle of rum. Washed up on the shores of La Isla de Muerta, she vowed that day to never again be slave to anyone. She became the bloodthirsty captain of the Siren's Scream, and with her cutthroat crew of marauders and masqueraders, she sails the oceans, pillaging and plundering gold and hearts alike.


Den of Valor

House Raventhorne

Belted Family

Fighting Company

Wolves of Valor

Additional Images

Kaytana Raventhorne's beltpiece
Kaytana's jolly roger for her pirate ship Siren's Scream
Kaytana Raventhorne
Kaytana Raventhorne cartoon

More Information

Kaytana's ORK [1]

Kaytana's Facebook [2]

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