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His (or her) Royal Majesty, our Monarch

Head chapter officer

Monarch, in the world

A monarch (see sovereignty) is a type of ruler or head of state. Monarchs almost always inherit their titles and are rulers for life; that is, they have no term limit. Historically monarchs have been more or less absolute rulers. Modern monarchs are often figureheads who either have power but do not exercise it personally, or have little power. However, there are others with substantial or absolute power. Monarchs usually represent a larger monarchical system which has established rules and customs regarding succession, duties, and powers. A nation ruled by a monarch is called a monarchy. Those arguing against the concept of Monarchy are often, but not always, republicans.

The word "monarch" derives from Greek monos archein, meaning "one ruler," and referred to an absolute ruler in ancient Greece. With time, the word has been succeeded in this meaning by others, like autocrat or dictator, and the word monarch in modern usage almost always refers to a traditional system of hereditary rulership

Monarchs in Amtgard

Monarch is the highest official in an Amtgard chapter, elected by the dues paying populace from the declared candidates who have passed Crown Quals. Terms are for six months, and in most corpora no more than two consecutive terms may be served. The term of a Monarch is often referred to as a reign. The first five monarchs of the Burning lands were chosen by Right of Arms but on September 12 1987, The club voted 34 to 23 for election rather than trial by combat to choose the next monarch.

Being a monarch at any level is very taxing. Give your monarch the support and loyalty that they deserve.

For a Kingdom, the Monarch is called the King or Queen. For smaller chapters, the term would be Duke (or Duchess) for a Duchy (or Grand Duchy), Baron (or Baroness) for a Barony, and Sheriff for a Shire. If they are being used, there could also be a Prince for a Principality.

Look here for a listing of all the first monarchs of the 14 kingdoms. Also see the page about the First Five Monarchs of amtgard and the Monarchy page for a listing of the monarchies of Amtgard everywhere.

Responsibilities of the office

It is the monarchs duty to preside over all events occurring during their reign. To settle disputes and mend old rivalries. Should their be a tie in any election or vote the monarch has the right to break that tie.

Being monarch is supposed to be fun, you have very few written responsibilities. Your real job is making sure that everyone else does their job. This is a lot harder than it sounds. And remember that your reign will defined not just but what you do but what every other officer does as well. What every event planner does, every feast-o-crat. Good or bad, it will be your fault.

Excerpt from the Corpora

This Excerpt is taken from the Burning Lands Corpora 5th edition. Please check your kingdom's body of law for precise rulings.

  • 1.11 Crown elections will be held once every six months. The winner of the election will be the monarch for the next six months.
  • 1.12 Has an automatic seat at the Althing.
  • 1.121 Has the power to break ties at the Althing.
  • 1.13 Shall preside over and conduct all in-game ceremonies and functions.
  • 1.14 Is not required to pay any dues during his/her term.
  • 1.15 May award the following orders:
    • 1.151 Titles of Nobility – granted by patent (discretion of Monarch): Marquis, Viscount, Baronet, and Lord (lesser title).
    • 1.152 Titles of Nobility – earned by tenure (for the specific service listed in this Corpora): Grand Duke, Duke, Arch Duke, Count, Baron, and Defender (lesser title). Titles of Nobility – earned by tenure (for the specific service)
    • 1.153 Peerage – The four orders of Knighthood – Note: It is strongly recommended that each Monarch follow the current Award Standardization, as listed in the Rules of Play, when awarding Knighthoods.
      • Crown - For excellence in Amtgard’s highest offices
      • Flame – For excellence in service to Amtgard
      • Serpent – For excellence in the arts and/or sciences
      • Sword – For excellence in combat
    • 1.154 The following orders: Dragon, Flame, Garber, Griffon, Hydra, Jovious, Lion, Mask, Owl, Rose, Smith, Walker of the Middle, Warrior, and Zodiac. (Per Award Standardization.)
    • 1.155 Titles of Masterhood for the service guilds (by tenure): Garber, Reeve, Smith
    • 1.156 Titles of Masterhood for the orders (by tenure): Dragon, Lion, Griffon, Owl, Rose,
    • 1.157 Warrior (Warlord) (Per Award Standardization.)
    • 1.158 Titles of Masterhood (in conjunction with the Prime Minister and Class Guildmaster) for the fighting guilds.
    • 1.159 Titles of Masterhood for the service guilds (by patent).
  • 1.16 May create new honors, awards, Masterhoods, and titles that do not conflict/compete with the established ladder awards (per the current Award Standardization).
  • 1.17 May become eligible to receive these titles after his/her term is over:
    • 1.171 Knight of the Crown (per the current Award Standardization)
    • 1.172 Duke/Duchess (or Grand Duke for serving two or more terms as Monarch)
  • 1.18 Shall descend from the throne if he/she misses more than four weeks in a row or twelve weeks total.
    • 1.181 Exception- special situations will be taken into consideration by the Althing.
  • 1.19 No Monarch may hold the throne for more than two consecutive terms.
  • 1.1A Only those who qualify at Crown Qualifications may try for Monarch.
  • 1.1B Shall hold an automatic seat on the B.O.D. during his/her term.
  • 1.1C A Monarch may remove (strip) a title of honor from a person for repeated provenviolations of the corpora and/or rulebook under the following conditions:
  • 1.1C1 Agreement of 75% at the vote of an Althing,
  • 1.1C2 Agreement of the Prime Minister,
  • 1.1C3 A majority vote of all people with the same title that is removed (i.e.- all Barons would vote for the removal of a Baron title),
  • 1.1C4 Agreement of 75% of the local group monarchy if the person to be stripped no longer resides in that kingdom.
  • 1.1D Note: Titles and honors may never be awarded to the members of another kingdom without that Monarch's permission.
  • 1.1E The Monarch must be at least 18 years of age.
  • 1.1F Must pass a reeve’s test with a minimum score of 75%.
  • 1.1G Must be dues paid.

Rewards of the office

Holding the office of monarch in it's self at one time and to this day in many places was enough to earn a Crown Belt. If you up hold the office well you might be eligible for the title of Duke. If you hold the office more than once you can earn the title of Arch Duke or Grand Duke.

Variant honorifics used by a Kingdom Monarch

Variants on the Titles Given to Former Monarchs


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