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Count Baronet Lord Master Jax Arkain

Home Park Rising Sun Station
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2000
Noble Title Count
Belt Status Squire



Jax started playing May of 2000 in Nitro WV. During his second year Jax took office as Prime Minister of The Barony of Blackrock Hills. He received his Master Title for his first term as PM from Goldenvale. The following year he was granted his Lord title for stepping up and taking care of the Baronies paperwork. Blackrock Hills went under in the winter of 2006. In 2007 Jax was one of the founding members of a new group called Green Water Valley under The Kingdom of Neverwinter. Green Water Valley started at the old location that had house Blackrock Hills. In early 2008 Green Water Valley moved to Charleston WV. Spring of 2009 the members of Green Water Valley choose to leave the Principality of Winter's Edge and join the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. Jax moved to Columbus in the Summer of 2012 and became a member of Blackfire Pass under The Kingdom of the Rising Winds. Spring of 2014 Jax became a founding member of Mountain of the Sixth Dawn under the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. Jax no resides in the Duchy of Rising Sun Station. During the Spring/Summer 2015 Reign he served as Kingdom Prime Minister for Crystal Groves. At the Summer mid-reign he was given his Count title.

Elected King of Crystal Groves he will be taking office Oct 8, 2017 for the Fall/Winter Reign.

Belted Family

Knight of the Crown Pharoah Darkchylde
Squire Count Baronet Lord Master Jax Arkain

Jax's Underbelts

Woman at Arms Thoretta Crystal Groves FoF 2015
Woman at Arms Dahnara Bitter Coast FoF 2017
Page Sinttrix Crystal Groves FoD 2015
Page Duracell Mountain of the Sixth Dawn FoD 2016
Page Rue Bandit Flats East FoF 2017
Page Scarlet Wolf Crystal Groves Fall Crown Quals 2017
Page Elle Rising Sun Station Kingdom Summer Mid-regin 2017

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