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Jana Coldiron, of Steel River Rising Winds


Jana Coldiron joined Amtgard in Fall of 2004. In the noob days she fought timidly with her 2 handed long sword called the 'Coldiron Sabre.' She has since then been a part of the Steel River core players, holding terms of office as Champion, Regent, Sheriff, and eventually the state of Arkansas' first Barony title. She is a rising fighter with a competitive drive, with her difficult to crack guard and quick reflexive counters. 3 time Contender in the Spring War womens tourney.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

The first player to acquire the Baroness office in Arkansas Amtgard.


  • Sheriff 2 times
  • Champion 2 times
  • Baroness 1 time
  • Regent 1 time


Additional Images

More Information

Wife of Geryon.

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