Harbour of Rhye

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Amtgard Chapter
NewHoR heraldry.jpg
Harbour of Rhye
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Status Duchy
City Virginia Beach
Park Mt. Trashmore
Meets on Saturdays at Noon
Founded HoR 2008, Sea of Rhye 1999, Veles Harbour 2007, SoR+VH=HoR
Active '



A Crystal Groves chapter, located in Virginia Beach, at Mt Trashmore Park. Is a group driven to the battle field! An ever watchful eye on the horizon for new fighters either to join the ranks or to try and raid! Also raising to excellent heights of Arts and Sciences, Service and RP, this group strives to be well-rounded. A family friendly group, our members range from early teens to, well, grandparents ;)

Originally located in Hampton/Newport News, this chapter is the combination of Sea of Rhye and Veles Harbour when joined together in 2008 and has received Barony status at Feast of Dead 2013 by the hand of King Marcus, and then raised to Duchy status by the hand of Queen Shiva at the 2014 Spring Kingdom Quals, under the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. Original heraldry was a blue field with green anchor and five yellow rye seeds in a star-point shape along the shaft of the anchor. The heraldry changed per member voting as of January 1st, 2012.

Harbour of Rhye People

Past Provincial Monarchy

# Date Monarch Regent Champion Prime Minister GMR
1 11/08-04/09 Renn Penombra J-Orc Uesugi Kensington Redav Manama Proster
2 04/09-10/09 Manama Proster Vale Goodwyn Ezekiel Drawde Randani Van Klief Redav
3 10/09-04/10 Redav (none) Daffy Yoshido Manama Proster (none)
4 04/10-05/10 Redav Ezekiel Drawde Runiel Manama Proster (none)
5 05/10-10/11 Daffy Yoshido (none) (none) (none) (none)
6 10/11-01/12 Pheonix (none) (none) (none) (none)
7 01/12-07/12 Pheonix Tazma Deraxel (none) (none)
8 07/12-01/13 Pheonix (none) Deraxel (none) (none)
9 01/13-07/13 Garret Vonya Rathalos Pheonix* (none)
10 07/13-11/13 Garret Luna Nocturnus Pheonix (none)
11 11/13-01/14 Luna Aldalfric Nocturnus Pheonix (none)
12 01/14-06/14 Nocturnus Luna Aldfalric Pheonix/Uni Nakis
13 06/14-12/14 Deraxel Logan Cormic Rath Chiana Uni/Garret (none)
14 12/14-06/15 Deraxel Rath Chiana Gilliam Garret/Rose Bloodsong Nocturnus
15 06/15-12/15 Garret Rath Chiana Arumat Rose Bloodsong/La Zorra Nocturnus
16 12/15-6/16 Garret Orrochi Redav La Zorra/Rose Bloodsong Sasuke
17 6/16-12/16 Rath Chiana La Zorra - Rose Bloodsong -
18 12/16-6/17 Castracia ? ? Nomad Lucratz ?
19 6/17-12/17 Castracia (last month) Redav Iro Skylar Rylas
20 12/17-6/18 Redav/Deraxel Deraxel/Rose Bloodsong Benoit Skylar Rylas

Companies with Harbour members

Households with Harbour members

Contacts and Directions

  • Email - harbourofrhyemonarch@gmail.com

We start at noon on Saturdays at Mount Trashmore Park 310 Edwin Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 next to the Playground and Skate Park.


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Harbour of Rhye on

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Kingdom Seat: Crystal Groves Proper

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