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a Shire of the Celestial Kingdom, located in Victoria. Texas.





One of the southern most parks in the Celestial Kingdom. The group was founded in 1995, by Raton, Stagheth and Bar-Bar with the help of Feral of Dragons Haven, after he observed Raton and Stageth beating each other senseless with raw pvc pipes.

The Keep was disbanded due to inactivity in 2007 Reign 33 of the CK. How ever by the start of 08, they returned to the game with new found will and diversity, many of the people in their ranks come from all walks of life due to it's key spot 100 miles from largest amtgard events in Texas. It's also a major rally point for Annihalus members as the trademark fighting force. There is a healthy mix of young and old in the park, they are very active online, Go talk to them on Myspace.jpg

Griffon's Keep does not promote under the censorship of the Amtwiki and would prefer that you look to their myspace page for more information.

Griffon's keep is currently a Shire


Home park Sir Qualin, Sir Chango, Jalen, Raton, Sir Kanin, Waco, Griffin, and more people than I can remember. Currently home to people such as Newt, Wurm, Twilight, Ruby, Episode, Diamond, Garion, Riot, Roo, Qalor, Fontane, Fayte, and many others.


Contacts and Directions

Griffin's Keep meets at Riverside Park at "Grovers Bend" at the big stone slab on Sundays at 2:30 PM

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