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A Fighting Company

Lion sighting at Salt Wars 2012; Back Row: Sable al'Mantene, Mirrim, Laoric, Terarin. Middle Row: Kezgar, Savaen, Lila. Front Rob: Jazzel, Aurora Selene.



Started out based in the Burning Lands and Dragonspine.

Currently the second oldest active fighting company, and has been considered one of the premiere companies in amtgard. Now it has members all over the country, with strong concentrations in central Texas and the Northwest. Traditionally had the first two (highest up the hill) campsites at Gathering of the Clans when it was held at Sleepy Grass.

Golden Lions received the Order of the Flame in October 1985 from Sir Aredhel Rex of the Burning Lands.

Motto: Courage in the face of the enemy. Honor on the battlefield. Loyalty to the club. Pride in the Golden Lions.

Founded by Sir Theo Blackflame

For more information, please see our website (link at the bottom of this page).

Members include:

Current cubs include:

Unsponsored Petitioners

There are many inactive and retired Golden Lions, including:



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