Myth Vael

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Amtgard Chapter
Myth Vael
Desert winds.jpg
The Kingdom of The Desert Winds
Status Shire
City Elko, Nevada.
Park City Park
Meets on Saturdays 10am
Founded 2011
Active Active


Myth Vael

A Shire of The Kingdom of the Desert Winds located in Elko, Neveda.


Myth Vael, previously known as Desert Rose, was founded in January 2011 and was soon accepted under Iron Mountains. In 2012, Desert Rose left Iron Mountains to become part of Desert Winds.

In November of 2015, Desert Rose donned the name Myth Vael, thus beginning a new era in the park's history.



Main Contacts : Sir Matthias and Lady Tyria (Matt and Heather) Ph : (775) 777-9628


Myth Vael meets on Saturdays at 10am at City Park behind the Museum (Game Day)

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