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Monarchy of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. The Monarchy for Crystal Groves, commonly called Crystal Groves Duchy, can be found here.

The Courts of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves

# Date Monarch Regent Champion Prime Minister GMR
1 (18) Jan 08 Gowritch Rentell Ironwood* Haze Shadowmoon Relisys Candlemaker Marius Mericles
2 (19) Jul 08 Rentell Ironwood Relisys Candlemaker Marius Mericles Kemoc Tregarth Pharoah Darkchylde
3 (20) Jan 09 Yoshi Relisys Candlemaker* Zamorak Katrina Nightchilde Haze Shadowmoon
4 (21) Jul 09 Zamorak Wave Dumah/Katrina* Tosc Rentell Ironwood Torum
5 (22) Jan 10 Katrina Eliessi* Zamorak Trelick Falquinn/Kemoc Tregarth
Became Floating Crown
6 Jul 10 Trelick* Manama* Haze* Cerberus Hitorimono
7 Jan 11 Katrina Eliessi Zamorak Tosc ?
8 Jan 11 Zamorak Katrina Armand Hitorimono Armand/Tosc
9 Jul 11 Pharoah Darkchylde Tosc Kaludon* Katrina Tosc
10 Jan 12 Pharoah Darkchylde Marcus Argussen Solomon Wade* Tosc Shiva
11 Jul 12 Toda Marcus Argussen Potato* Tosc Shiva
12 April 13 Marcus Argussen Redav Henry Greatwing* Hitorimono Pheonix
13 Oct 14 Shiva* Katae Garret* Hitorimono Pheonix
14 April 14 Garret Marcus Argussen --- Freya Solomon
15 Oct 14 Shiva Emaleth Pharoah Darkchylde Jax Arkain Hitorimono
16 April 15 Yhamish Azreal Nomad Trelick Shiva
17 Oct 15 Hitorimono Shiva Nim'Ruin Bathory Montag
18 April 16 Nim'Ruin Gore Bowlgod Prada Forel Kyro
19 Oct 16 Nim'Ruin GoldCrest Hobi Montag Rowan
20 Apr 17 GoldCrest Nim'Ruin Mazaeus Montag Stephiroth
21 Oct 17 Arden Dawnseeker Archimedes Velasquez Vidrik Montag Elravere Adarra

Numbers in (#) reflect which court of Crystal Groves Duchy it would also be considered

The current court of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves

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