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Monarchy of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. The Monarchy for Crystal Groves, commonly called Crystal Groves Duchy, can be found here.

The Courts of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves

# Date Monarch Regent Champion Prime Minister GMR
1 (18) Jan 08 Gowritch Rentell Ironwood* Haze Shadowmoon Relisys Candlemaker Marius Mericles
2 (19) Jul 08 Rentell Ironwood Relisys Candlemaker Marius Mericles Kemoc Tregarth Pharoah Darkchylde
3 (20) Jan 09 Yoshi Relisys Candlemaker* Zamorak Katrina Nightchilde Haze Shadowmoon
4 (21) Jul 09 Zamorak Wave Dumah/Katrina* Tosc Rentell Ironwood Torum
5 (22) Jan 10 Katrina Eliessi* Zamorak Trelick Falquinn/Kemoc Tregarth
Became Floating Crown
6 Jul 10 Trelick* Manama* Haze* Cerberus Hitorimono
7 Jan 11 Katrina Eliessi Zamorak Tosc ?
8 Jan 11 Zamorak Katrina Armand Hitorimono Armand/Tosc
9 Jul 11 Pharoah Darkchylde Tosc Kaludon* Katrina Tosc
10 Jan 12 Pharoah Darkchylde Marcus Argussen Solomon Wade* Tosc Shiva
11 Jul 12 Toda Marcus Argussen Potato* Tosc Shiva
12 April 13 Marcus Argussen Redav Henry Greatwing* Hitorimono Pheonix
13 Oct 14 Shiva* Katae Garret* Hitorimono Pheonix
14 April 14 Garret Marcus Argussen --- Freya Solomon
15 Oct 14 Shiva Emaleth Pharoah Darkchylde Jax Arkain Hitorimono
16 April 15 Yhamish Azreal Nomad Trelick Shiva
17 Oct 15 Hitorimono Shiva Nim'Ruin Bathory Montag

Numbers in (#) reflect which court of Crystal Groves Duchy it would also be considered

The current court of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves

Those with an asterisk (*) by their name serving as pro-tem officers.

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