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Crawling Chaos~



Crawling Chaos~ was formed April 2, 1994 at the then independent Duchy of the Midnight Sun, in Garland, Texas. Crawling Chaos~ has had several Duchy and Kingdom level officials in its ranks over the years. From August of 1995 to March of 1996, it was the only fighting company at Midnight Sun, which became a part of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills in August of 1995. Crawling Chaos~ has been awarded seven Order of the Flame, and one Order of the Lion.

Company Members

Kahwen Markado Archeas

  • Company Title: Keeper of the Keys
  • Major Awards: None
  • Weapons of Choice: Flail and Shield, Amtgard Florentine
  • Badge of Glory: First Captain of Crawling Chaos~
  • Badge of Shame: Went on sabbatical without telling anyone
  • Quote: "Aahhyeeeeeee!!!"--Kahwen leading the charge
  • Joined: April 2, 1994 (Founder)
  • Status: Sabbatical

Barn Lord KodiaK

  • Company Title: First Blade
  • Major Awards: Masterhood of Barbarian, Baron, Lord
  • Weapons of Choice: Scimitars, Shield, Confusion
  • Badge of Glory: Kingdom Prime Minister
  • Badge of Shame: Early (less than successful) attempts at weapon construction
  • Quote: "I'll take that."--KodiaK getting smacked in the gonads
  • Joined: April 2, 1994 (Founder)
  • Status: Sabbatical - Midnight Sun, EH

Duke Sir Martello Entropy

Baron Sir Rayel Greenholde

  • Company Title: Master of Hounds
  • Major Awards: Masterhood of Barbarian, Baron, Master Rose
  • Squired to Sir KalXen, Knight of the Flame
  • Classes: Sixth Level Barbarian, Second Level Monk, Second Level Warrior, First Level Monster, Reeve
  • Weapons of Choice: Short Spear, Great Flail, Dagger, Assorted Swords
  • Midnight Sun Position: Pro-Tem Champion for Life,
  • Badge of Glory: Order of the Hydra
  • Badge of Shame: Various incidents of frostbite...
  • Quote: "...Seven...Eight...Screw it."--Rayel getting bored
  • Geek Code: Here
  • Joined: November 12, 1994
  • Status: Sabbatical - Midnight Sun, EH

Squire BlackAngel

  • Company Title: Bartender
  • Major Awards: None
  • Classes: Third Level Warrior, Fifth Level Healer, Fifth Level Wizard, First Level Assassin, Reeve
  • Weapons of Choice: Warhammer, Scimitar, Buckler
  • Badge of Glory: Received an apology from Sir Nevron
  • Badge of Shame: Fleeing from taco whoredom
  • Quote: "Some people are alive simply because it's against the law to kill them."
  • Geek Code: Unavailable
  • Joined: October, 1996
  • Status: Sabbatical

Tiny der Uberhund

  • Company Title: Big Bad Jew
  • Major Awards: Masterhood of Barbarian, Hellrider
  • Classes: Sixth Level Barbarian, Second Level Healer, First Level Monk
  • Weapons of Choice: Mace and Sarcasm
  • Badge of Glory: Three terms on BOD
  • Badge of Shame: Stepping in gopher hole at Clan XIII
  • Quote: "One... Two... Three... Fou - Pants!"
  • Geek Code: Unavailable
  • Joined: July, 1998
  • Status: Sabbatical - Midnight Sun, EH

Baroness Dame K'tai bin R'al

Dame Tigara Silverstar

  • Company Title: Sand Witch
  • Major Awards: Dragonmaster, Master Dragon, Lady, Knight of the Serpent, Iron Chef
  • Classes: Second Level Healer, First Level Monster
  • Weapons of Choice: Whisk
  • Badge of Glory: Harpist
  • Badge of Shame: Dragon for "The Scotsman's Kilt"
  • Quote: "I'm not playing. Get the hell away from me."--Overheard at Spring War III
  • Geek Code: Unavailable
  • Joined: August, 1998
  • Status: Semi-Active - Midnight Sun, EH

The Assless Blue Egg with Face and Feet

  • Company Title: Assless Blue Egg with Face and Feet
  • Major Awards: None
  • Classes: Color
  • Weapons of Choice: Face and Feet
  • Badge of Glory: Blue
  • Badge of Shame: Assless
  • Quote: ""
  • Geek Code: Unavailable
  • Joined: April 15, 2000
  • Status: Sabbatical

Duchess Dame Shaylen

Baron Sir Sistar Tolken

Yoni haMagid

  • Company Title: Hammer of Zion
  • Major Awards: Adon
  • Squired to Dame K'tai bin R'al, Knight of the Flame
  • Classes: Sixth Level Druid, Second Level Barbarian, First Level Monster, First Level Healer
  • Weapons of Choice: Martello
  • Badge of Glory: Creation of Broken Shield
  • Badge of Shame: Being half right
  • Quote: "Ben, stop fucking with the goyim." -overheard at Spring War XII
  • Geek Code: Here
  • Joined: March 22, 2003
  • Status: Sabbatical, Midnight Sun, EH

Baronet Faith Silverose

  • Company Title:
  • Major Awards: Baronet, Hellrider
  • Classes:
  • Weapons of Choice:
  • Badge of Glory:
  • Badge of Shame:
  • Quote:
  • Geek Code: Unavailable
  • Joined: December 17, 2005
  • Status: Sabbatical, Midnight Sun, EH

Contessa Dame Tanara Stormcaller

Duke Sir Elder Vermilion

  • Company Title: Secret Squirrel
  • Major Awards: Lordship, Duchy, Master Monster, County, Barony, Arch-Duchy, Knight of the Crown.
  • Squired to Sir Martello
  • Classes:6th Level Bard, 6th Level Druid, 6th Level Scout, 6th Level Monster, 6th Level Warrior, 6th Level Wizard, 6th Level Healer, 6th Level Paladin.
  • Weapons of Choice: If you were at the meeting, you'd know
  • Badge of Glory: Archduke Title
  • Badge of Shame: So quiet about the work he does that Martello gets all the awards for that work.
  • Quote: I have a car, it squeaks when I play with it.
  • Geek Code: Unavailable
  • Joined: February 23, 2008
  • Status: Active, Bright Forge, EH

Sir KalXen

  • Company Title: Negotiator
  • Major Awards: Lordship, Boronet, Barony, Masterhood of Rose, Flame Knighthood
  • Classes: 6th Level Scout, 6th Level Druid, 1st Level Paladin, 2nd Level Monster, 1st Level Archer
  • Weapons of Choice: Tent Poles
  • Badge of Glory: Interkingdom Guild of Scribes
  • Badge of Shame: The Huntsmen
  • Quote: "How drunk are you?"
  • Geek Code: Unavailable
  • Joined: January 3, 2009
  • Status: Sabbatical, Midnight Sun,EH

  • Founding member Darkangel resigned from Crawling Chaos~ on October 25, 2002

The Crawling Chaos~ Auxiliary

Current auxiliary members include Brighadh, Sir Naes Weissdrake, Sir Terarin, Sir Larin Moonstar, Dame Kayrana, Finn McGill, Sir Galen Silverhand, Sir Reine Von Doom, Dreanya Jurista, Gryndll ap gwyneth, Dailyn.

Company Awards

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