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A catch-all term for members of Amtgard who do not participate in the combat portion of the game. These players are often very valuable to the organization as they provide logistics, leadership, and support to keep the rest of the game moving smoothly. Examples can include water bearers, heralds, event organizers, and Serpent Knights.

Colors are often, though not always, fighting the good fight to keep the game alive, with out thanks or reward; disdain them at your peril.

People who often sign in as color, but don't hand out help or add to the ambiance, are sometimes referred to Chair Farmers.


Amtgard Character Classes
Core Classes: Anti-Paladin · Archer · Assassin · Barbarian · Bard · Druid · Healer · Monk · Paladin · Scout · Warrior · Wizard

Non-Standard Classes: Monster · Peasant
Alternate Sign-ins: Color · Undeclared

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