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Man at Arms Belias Nuul Mora of the Shire of Belial Peaks

Home Park: Belial Peaks

Kingdom: Westmarch

Year Started: 2011

Noble Status: None

Belt Status: Man at Arms


Belias started playing in 2001 in the then Barony of Thor's Refuge. Prefers playing wizard and monk. Loves using almost every weapon type. Is known for being one of the last to leave a field of fighting.

Belted Family

Became Page to Ka'a at Darkshore 2014

Became Man at Arms to Ka'a at Feast of Mars 2015

Affiliated Groups

Team One Whole Hobo

Notable Accomplishments and Titles

One of the few people to hold the title of Westmarch Weaponmaster

Offices Held

Champion of the Kingdom of Westmarch

Champion of the Duchy of Thor's Refuge

GMR of the Duchy of Thor's Refuge

Prime Minister of the Duchy of Thor's Refuge

Heir Apparent of the Duchy of Thor's Refuge

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