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Duke Sir Baelnorn, of Silver Moon, Blackspire

”Basically people were saying that waivers give people the ability to punch another waivered person and it not be a crime. I said no.”



Baelnorn was a founding member of the Newberg, Oregon group Sylvan Fenn; he held numerous offices while the group was still active. He spent some time in the holding of Dragons Forge before becoming a member of Silvermoon

Since the beginning of his Amtgard career he was known for hosting feasts, both at the holding level and at the kingdom level. Nine out of his ten roses were award for running kingdom level feasts. He was also was given the title Master Chef in March 2008 in recognition of his cooking talents and for winning the Iron Chef cooking competition organized by the Kingdom of Blackspire.

He became a Knight of the Flame at Pacific War in September of 2014. In the following summer he ran a feast at the two biggest events of Northwest Amtgard, Rosewood and Pacific War as well as the new event the Shattered Kingdoms.

He is also a founding member of the service household, House Gravy as well as one of the three founders of the event Shattered Kingdoms

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