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The Barony of Ashen Spire

A Barony of Westmarch in San Jose, CA.


Ashen Spire is an Amtgard barony whose home is in the general San Jose California region. It hosts a variety of people from the neighboring cities and has a wonderful mix of new players as well as experienced members. Ashen Spire also receives a fair share of visiting players from the surrounding lands of Westmarch and always welcomes anyone interested to come experience the weekly activities.

Contacts and Directions

Park: Bowers Park, 2570 Cabrillo Avenue, Santa Clara, CA

Bowers Park sits between two schools. It is off of San Thomas Expressway and has its own public restrooms, drinking fountains, and picnic tables. There is plenty of shade and nearby street parking. The park itself has a very small parking lot. All parking is free.

Meeting Time:

  • Sundays 11:30 - 5 p.m

Fighter Practice:

  • As posted.


Ashen Spire heraldry fancy.png


Ashen Spire was founded in March of 2007 by Tevas after a number of members recruited from DunDraCon identified themselves as being interested in a chapter in the San Jose area.

Ashen Spire decided to join Westmarch, and this wish became a reality in February of 2009.

Ashen Spire now hosts an annual demo at Fanime in San Jose. This demo brings the opportunity to join Amtgard to the over 15,000 attendees each year.

On June 6, 2011, Westmarch approved Ashen Spire's bid for Barony status via Althing, elevating the land accordingly.

They are collectively part of the siege weapon.


"This is the storm that is Ashen Spire!"

In the winter of 2009, Sheriff Jareth and then Sheriff Aurel von Slade began what would become a series of invasions. This legacy would be continued as Sheriff Fenrir stepped up. The defeated lands (in the order of their defeat) are as follows:

Frequent Members

Other Awesome Members

Additional Information:

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