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Amtwiki is a collaborative project intended to document the people, places, and culture of Amtgard. Anyone can edit most of the contents, leading to an amalgam of information and reference for the Amtgard community.

Amtwiki launched in ???? by Roger Shrubstaff, beginning as a small phpwiki. In ????, the content was moved to a Mediawiki, the format it uses today.

Amtwiki is now home to 10,793 articles, edited by 9,521 registered users and other unregistered contributors.


In 2008, the governance of Amtwiki was given to Linden Tul. She employed a number of admins under her, who together kept up with the process of relocating content and improving the project. In 2014, the title of Head Admin (now affectionately called "the Linden") was betrothed to Crispin Silvermane, who brought on many new admins to continue the work the needed to be done.

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