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Places in Amtgard

First off, the Amtgard ORK Atlas is the key reference on Amtgard lands in the world. This is not meant to be that, While it is as complete as we can make it, if you want to find a place or look someone up, I suggest going there.

This is more meant to be a catalogue of key places in Amtgard. Not all the places listed here still exist. Some are just places where events took place, others are key lands that played a role in Amtgard history, and so forth.

However, because it makes sense from an organizational standpoint, this is being broken up by kingdom. Note these are place entries, and will be separate from other entries in this wiki project on kingdom definitions, histories, etc.

Places by Kingdom

When entering new lands please use the Place Template.

For opionated rants on places in Amtgard please post it here on the in their own words article.

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