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A shire located in Somerset, PA that is the second subgroup added under the Kingdom of Crystal Groves, .



Formerly a Freehold and a chapter under Goldenvale. Currently under Crystal Groves


Ambient Forest began meeting in February of 2002, originally under the Burning Lands. It was founded by Potato and some of his high school friends. From it's very beginning, Ambient Forest has always been a shire composed of stick-jocks, and they ditch way more than Bandit_Flats_East.

Ambient Forest suffered a temporary split in 2006, with a small group of people beginning a rival group about eight miles away called Aavalon Woods. Aavalon Woods fizzled quickly, with Hacksaw and Kaludon being primarily responsible for resuscitating the dead Ambient Forest.

The group has never risen above shire numbers, but has a strong core group that has a tremendous zeal for the game.


Notable for unleashing Potato's tremendous muscularity on the game.


Contacts and Directions

Ambient Forest meets at the softball field behind Somerset Area Junior High School on Saturdays at 2pm.

Street Address:
645 S Columbia Ave
Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501

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